Services and Prices

Full Valet


Prices from £65.00 

Fall in love with your car all over again with our complete Full Valet Package.  

Please note that all of our valets will be priced individually depending on condition of vehicle and time taken.

Mini Valet


Prices from £40.00

Treat your car to one of our very popular Mini Valet. 

Our Mini Valet is specially designed to give your car a high quality clean and freshen up. This service is ideal for cars that are cleaned regularly.

Detailing Services


Paint correction Prices from £200

Paint Protection Prices from £100 

Interior valet

Interior Valeting

Prices from £35

See the result as we clean and restore the interior of your car by removing dirt and grime from every crevice and surface.

Maintenance Valet


More than just a one off ??

Ideal for clients who would like to have their vehicle looked after by us on a regular basis.  

Additional Services


Treat your car to a little extra love.

  • Complete Odour Removal - £25.00
  • Seat Wet Vac Treatment    - £25.00
  • Convertible Roof Cleaning - £45.00
  • Add a coat of ceramic wax- £40.00
  • Pet hair removal - £20.00